Educational Services to Students under Temporary Protection in Turkey

By | February 11, 2018

The Ministry of National Education (MNE) in Turkey enables Syrian students’ access to education through Turkish formal schools and Temporary Education Centers (TECs). To equip with lifelong learning skills, Public Education Centers (PECs) offer vocational/technical and general education programs free of charge to all registered Syrians under temporary protection. The charts presented here are produced on the data provided by Directorate General of Lifelong Learning under the management of the MNE. The data represent the latest statistics pertinent to educational services of the students under temporary protection. To access the source file in Turkish, please click here.

The following charts shall be updated as new data become available.

The efforts have yielded promising results by increasing the enrollment rates of Syrian refugee children from 30.42% in 2014 to 61.95% as of December 2017.

















The number of students across grades and education levels is provided as a separate sheet. Click here to download a detailed complete data file.










To overcome the language barrier posing the greatest challenge to the integration of Syrian students into Turkish education system and society, Turkish language courses are provided to Syrians students and adults at PECs as demonstrated in the following chart.









In addition to educational services provided at Turkish public schools and TECs, non-formal education services by Public Education Centers offer Vocational and Technical Programs and General Programs to Syrians.








As demonstrated in the following chart, the Syrians participation in vocational and technical programs have declined from 2015 to October 2017.








The top preferred vocational and technical programs are presented here.








Despite a decrease in years in general education programs, the participation in these programs outnumbers the technical and vocational ones.

The top preferred general education programs are presented here.

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