“This is not a school break or holiday”: Syrian refugee students in Turkey during Covid-19

By | May 14, 2020

“How do school closures during Covid-19 influence Syrian students in Turkey? I have written for REACH Initiative at Harvard University.  Below find a short excerpt:

“Syrian refugees in Turkey are not a monolithic community, and Syrian refugee children have diverse educational needs, resources, and attainments that may fail any centralized short-term education policies. Taking these core aspects into regard throughout my research, I explore determinants of the second language proficiency of refugee students in monolingual countries.

On 12 March 2020, I was visiting a Turkish public school in Istanbul’s slums to conduct classroom observations and interviews with teachers regarding language education for refugee students. Despite having only one officially confirmed Covid-19 case in Turkey, teachers were anxious for the unrecognized spread of the virus and were expecting a national lockdown with immediate school closures.”

To read full blog post, please visit https://reach.gse.harvard.edu/covid19-resources/blog/this-is-not-a-school-break-or-holiday-syrian-refugee-students-in-turkey-during-covid-19